Smart & Sustainable

Creating a Connected Community

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Walkable and Connected

 Lakeview Village will be a connected community. 

That means there will be a number of ways for people to access the things they need on a daily basis. 

It means reducing a person's reliance on a car and enabling them to take safe and reliable transit to work. 

It means giving someone the ability to walk to the grocery store or stroll through brightly lit streets to meet friends at a restaurant. 

It means building bike lanes and trails that families can cycle along for a day of adventure or to pick kids up from school. 

It means building a community that enhances the health and well-being of all its residents and that caters to their unique transportation needs.

It means following the guiding principles set forward in the Lakeshore Connecting Communities Transportation Master Plan.

It means: 

  • Enhancing connections to the waterfront;
  • Creating vibrant public spaces;
  • Designing for all ages and abilities; 
  • Promoting prosperity for local businesses;
  • Integrating transportation and land use;
  • Moving people safely and efficiently;
  • Preserving the natural environment;
  • Enhancing main street features; and
  • Improving quality of life.

It means focusing on our ultimate goal of building a connected community that benefits everyone - today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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Bringing The Transportation Vision to Life

At Lakeview Village, we’re looking beyond the car to create a connected community that gives everyone - regardless of the age and stage of life they’re in - access to a variety of transportation options to help them get from point A to B and everywhere in between.

This means enabling car-free mobility through new infrastructure for cycling and pedestrians (trails, pathways, routes), bringing MiWay Bus service into the fabric of the community with a new bus route (complete with two stops), and integrating with the future BRT and LRT line through the Lakeshore Connecting Communities Transportation Master Plan – a long-term vision for transit and corridor improvements along Lakeshore Road from 2020 to 2041.

We know cars are the largest source of Canada’s transportation emissions. This plan will ensure there are efficient and convenient transit options to reduce reliance on auto-based living.

What’s Next

A traffic study will be undertaken by Lakeview Community Partners to evaluate capacity, transportation and infrastructure requirements. This study will inform road network design, areas of improvement and ensure traffic and infrastructure requirements for this future community are outlined in full.