Clearing Spaces - A Meditative Retreat & Workshop

This workshop invites you into our mystical 'Clearing Spaces' process, including a guided meditation, creating a collaborative elemental painting and participating in a live performance by The Broadbent Sisters. For over 12 years, meditative drawing and painting has been the foundation of our art practice. Using the colour blue, and an intuitive process, we work together, to create large-scale mystical landscapes. Meditative drawing, similar to doodling is quiet, and connects the body and mind. The repetitive action of the brush stroke allows us to enter into a meditative state. The blue paint is the colour of water, representing energies of peace and power. We begin the session with a guided meditation, inviting everyone to slow down and connect. Using blue tones, we will work together to create a mystical landscape to reconnect us to the element of water. Throughout the workshop, participants will physically switch spots to allow for collaboration and appreciation of everyone’s unique mark-making. The space will be carefully designed so that people feel safe and connected, fuelling the opportunity for deeper, more meaningful conversations. The final piece will be hung in the space for the public to enjoy. This mystical and meditative painting workshop calms the mind, and allows us to be more present for ourselves and others. This type of collaboration, leads to magical connections and a meaningful art piece. The final part of the experience will be participating in a live performance. There is always alchemy in live performance as the relationship between form and formless unfolds for both artist and witness. We believe our performance clears different spaces, expectations, and old stories. This is a blessing for the reclaimed waterfront, transforming it into a vital space of connection.

"Enter a meditative retreat, get creative and help us connect to the element of water and the powerful clearing that ripples out into the community. "

- Broadbent Sisters

The Artist

Broadbent Sisters

Broadbent Sisters

  • The Broadbent Sisters (Rose & Joy Broadbent) are multidisciplinary artists based in Toronto. For a decade, the Broadbent Sisters have created international, award-winning work in painting, film, performance and installation. Their unfolding practice, ‘Clearing Spaces,’ examines themes of meditation, telepathy, eco-feminism, and pop spirituality. Over the years, their highly intuitive work asks viewers to enter vulnerable spaces as the Sisters build a mythology of meditative ritual. This evolving series, 'Clearing Spaces', has been featured in, The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, The Art Gallery of Peterborough, Steven Bulger Gallery, The Reach Gallery Museum, McInstosh Gallery, Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, TRAFO Centre for Contemporary Art, Katzman Contemporary, The Drake Hotel. They were the Art Directors for the 2016 edition of the AGO Massive Party. The Sisters were awarded the 2017 Burtynsky Grant for 'A Telepathic Book'. They collaborated with Google in 2018 to create an interactive exhibition and art phone cases that were sold worldwide. In November of 2019, they created a meditative pod installation for Facebook. In 2021 they won awards for the Cannes World Film Festival and the Paris Cinema Awards for their latest short films. They currently have the show 'OH! WELL!’ at Stackt and are preparing for a commision for Museum London in the fall 2022. Joy and Rose continue to find collaboration to be a unique venue for distilling the essence of form and exploring telepathic ways of creating.