The Light Within

Something unique shines off in the distance. Nestled deep within a field of blooming sunflowers this sculpture stands 15’ tall twisting towards the sky in a dance of gravity defying curves. Carefully crafted groves in the column shine the light that pulses from deep within the sculpture. Self powered by the array of solar panels stylized into gigantic wire frame leaves. Light pulsed through 3 polished grooves that spiral up the column reacting as the environment changes.

LIGHT IT UP! Now is your chance to transform the sculptural centrepiece at Lakeview Village, crafted by Ryan Longo, by illuminating it in colourful light using your phone.

Visit the sculpture on site, and do the following:

1. Disconnect from mobile data
2. Connect to the Sculpture Wifi (“The Light Within)
3. Scan the QR Code on the sign located near the sculpture
4. Immerse yourself in this delightful experience

Ryan Longo sculpture at Lakeview Village

"The world really needs to hear a message of unity, unity by recognizing diversity. My intention is to challenge the notion of otherness and what belongs."

- Ryan Longo

The Artist

Ryan Longo

Ryan Longo

  • I was a crafty kid growing up. Always with a project on the go. For me it was a way to cope with not knowing my place or identity in the world. I spent many years working hard jobs to get by in the city when I was figuring it out. Each project got more intense and as time went on and I grew a name for myself making ambitious sculptural art. Light has always been a common element in the things I’ve created. It creates a wider appeal for what was once a niche emerging art form. I look for interesting shapes and techniques to create landmark artwork. Being an artist means being many things. I work many jobs creating things for other creative people to have the resources to create what I need in this world. I’ve been a freelance creative person in Toronto for over 15 years. I work mainly in the film and television industry with the occasional artistic participation at an underground electronic music event. Art is an essential weave in the fabric of our society. It fills in the blank spaces in everyday life with wonder and the possibility of a new future.