Us, Wildlife, and Water

This collaborative mural and diorama art celebrates the connection of Serson Creek to Lake Ontario. Together, we envision the welcoming of migratory birds and flourishing wildlife as we take part in the ecosystem by the lake. I hope this artwork will allow people to take a moment to observe and explore how we thrive through our connections to the land, water, and sky. The revitalization of Serson Creek will be our hope and the heart of the Lakeview Village, celebrating the interconnection of humans and nature.

"I want to celebrate our hope - Serson Creek, which will be the heart of the Lakeview Village, where people and wildlife will come together and flourish by the lake."

- Soyeon Kim

The Artist

Soyeon Kim

  • Soyeon Kim is a Korean-born Canadian artist and illustrator based in Ontario. Specializing in fine sketching and painting techniques, she creates three-dimensional dioramas by carefully arranging the painted and texturized paper cutouts. Inspired by nature and wildlife, her illustrations and artworks explore our connections to the environment in hopes of bringing awareness to its importance of life and sustainability.