Composition for Wind

Inspired by the amplified interaction of lakeside elements such as wind, water, and light, Composition for Wind explores the multifaceted relationship between humans and the natural world integrating themes of connection, collaboration, and transformation. The hypnotically shifting form of this mechanical cloud draws the gaze upward and inward, capturing the imagination and offering a moment for reflection and contemplation. Similar in nature to the artist-based hoarding initiative launched in 2020, this sculpture allows the community to again connect with art, the site and its relationship to the waterfront.

Studio F Minus sculpture

"Composition for Wind is a moving cloud of particles suspended in the air. The sculpture is a threshold between built form and natural phenomena…[it] takes natural phenomena — wind — as input, and gives it a built form."

- Studio F Minus

The Artist

Studio F Minus

Studio F Minus

  • Studio F Minus is the collective work of artists Brad Hindson and Michael Simon. Since 2008 Studio F Minus has been creating large-scale, dynamic, temporary and permanent public works of art for a broad range of communities and audiences founded on the core principle that public art not only can be, but should be, as brave, intelligent, and complex as the audiences who receive it. Inspired by collective and personal experiences and perceptions of the natural and material phenomena that surrounds us, Studio F Minus crafts playful yet challenging artworks often employing common and relatable metaphors and symbols in pleasingly unexpected ways. Their work is optimistic and whimsical, and serves as a reminder of the potential of wonder and creativity in the world.