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Composition for Wind

Studio F Minus’ artistic creation will set out to explore the powerful relationship between humans and the natural world, integrating themes such as transformation and connection, inspired by lakeside elements such as wind and water. Their sculpture will be developed over the next several months and is set to be a landmark and contemplative piece that captures imaginations and draws eyes upwards and outward to Lake Ontario. Similar in nature to the artist-based hoarding initiative launched in 2020, the completed sculpture will allow the community to again connect with art, the site and its relationship to the waterfront. *Image is for conceptual purposes only. The final sculpture design may change.

Studio F Minus sculpture

"Composition for Wind is a moving cloud of particles suspended in the air. The sculpture is a threshold between built form and natural phenomena…[it] takes natural phenomena — wind — as input, and gives it a built form."

- Studio F Minus

The Artist

Studio F Minus

Studio F Minus

  • Studio F Minus is composed of artists Mitchell F. Chan, Brad Hindson, and Michael Simon in collaboration with a network of world-class engineers, fabricators, and technologists who create large-scale art projects for broad public audiences. The team brings over 15 years of experience creating dynamic public art founded on the core principles of considering the public experience and capturing public values. Studio F Minus believes that public art can be brave and can tell complicated stories; that the public audience is sophisticated and intelligent, and appreciates everyday art experiences that treat them as such. Public art can be ambitious in its use of technology and engineering to serve a vision.