Meeting #4: Engaging the Community - Ideas in Motion

3d map lakeview village

Community Meeting #4

Hosted by LCPL at the Small Arms Inspection Building, a historic 20,000 square foot space near the waterfront in Mississauga, Community Meeting #4 offered another fully immersive experience where life-size renderings, cinemagraphs, fly-through experiences and remediation videos, a digital 3D Model, large floor graphics and virtual reality provided a look into life by the lake. Local food vendors and interactive ways to engage delighted and provided a means for the community to comment on the revised plan.


The event kicked off with opening remarks by Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Councillor Stephen Dasko, with perspectives and song shared from the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations, followed by a presentation from world-renowned waterfront specialists and Master Plan Architect, Sasaki Associates. The event continued with a peek into the newest LCPL team members and a deep dive into the revised Development Master Plan. The Sasaki Team presented the “Big Moves” – community-centric guiding principles built on community and City feedback – to showcase how these became the driving forces behind the key changes to the Development Master Plan presented in October of 2018.

After the presentation, over 300 guests embarked on a discovery walk through the space, with opportunities for idea sharing and engagement, local food purveyors such as gelato, pakora and samosas, popcorn and churros guiding their journey from one end of the room to the other. Each station offered opportunities to provide feedback on:

  • Ideal park and waterfront experiences; guests were asked to “Build the world’s greatest park”
  • Outdoor amenities and things to do at Lakeview Village, from art to cultural activities
  • Kids’ play elements and services
  • Ideas for activating the site during the planning process
  • Changes to the plan based on the Big Moves
  • Modes of transport; how people will get to and move around Lakeview Village is essential to building the transit infrastructure for this community
  • Open commentary about the development via a graphic artist
  • A digital survey on iPads and a ranking kiosk layered on an additional point of feedback via digital, interactive modes of engagement