Behind the Scenes: Painters, muralists & sculpturists in action

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Animating The Waterfront

Lakeview Village is envisioned as a future community centred around arts and culture. As part of our vision and commitment to transform Mississauga’s waterfront, we have brought a group of artists together over the years to create a new series of public art that has animated the site and the Discovery Centre.

Building a great community involves bringing people together, and supporting those that make it unique and dynamic. Lakeview Village has made it a priority to host a series of placemaking opportunities that deliver a sense of community on the site.

Each initiative aims to reconnect people to Mississauga’s waterfront - an area that’s been inaccessible for two generations - and to help residents envision a future of ‘life by the lake”.


Discover ‘Composition for Wind’

  • Inspired by the site’s history and its connection to nature and the waterfront, Studio F Minus’ sculpture Composition for the Wind “takes natural phenomena — wind — as input, and gives it a built form.” You can discover this sculpture outside the entrance to the Discovery Centre. Learn More.


  • In 2020, over 1,600 linear feet of construction hoarding was transformed by the artwork of 19 artists. This artist-based initiative delivered $100,000 in paid work opportunities for artists during a pandemic, while creating a safe space for the community to experience and engage with art outdoors. With the opening of the Discovery Centre, the artwork has been relocated to the Art Trail and by the Recreation Field.

The Light Within

  • This sculpture by Ryan Longo stands 15 feet tall, twisting toward the sky in a dance of gravity-defying curves. Light emanates and pulses from its grooves, self-powered by solar panels which have been crafted into gigantic leaves. Visitors have the ability to shift and change the colour sequencing through the Light Within mobile app when visiting this magical work of art along the Art Trail.


artists in residence


In May 2020, Lakeview Community Partners Limited (LCPL), in partnership with Artscape, launched an artist-based initiative to animate the site at Lakeview Village and provide work for artists during COVID-19 (following safety and health measures set out by the government of Ontario). This opportunity provided over $100,000 in paid work for 19 artists, including 14 muralists, two visual artists, one sculpturist, one painter, and a poet.

These artworks created a canvas for artistic expression along 1,600 linear feet of construction hoarding wrapping Lakeview Village's award-winning Discovery Centre and were eventually repurposed along the Art Trail. Located near the well-known one million sunflowers onsite, this program created a unique placemaking experience to beautify an active construction site and provide a place for the community to experience and interact with art safely.

  • 2021

    In May 2021, LCPL launched the next phase of collaboration with Artscape to bring a new series of public art to animate the development site and its future Discovery Centre in 2021 and beyond. This initiative created over $250,000 in paid work opportunities for artists in the region. 

    The first commissioned artwork for the Phase 2 program was Studio F Minus’ sculpture, Composition for Wind - now completed and situated on the grounds of the Discovery Centre. This program also included a hands-on four-month paid mentorship program for emerging artists in the sculptural field to help them learn how to develop a large-scale public art execution.

    This initiative was followed by additional commissioned works of art for the interior of the Discovery Centre. This included a ceiling installation titled A Walk in Nature by floral artist, Natalie Schiabel of Mythology Floral, and an immersive digital exhibit featuring the work of four artists.

    The combined 2020-2021 program investment totalled over $350,000 toward creating work opportunities for the region’s artist community during the pandemic. 

  • 2022

    Lakeview Village announced a new Artists in Residence program to take place at the Discovery Centre in 2022 and 2023. The self-directed, six-month-long community artist residency program featured four different artists who were invited to use the Lakeview Village site as part of their practice, with an opportunity to engage with the community through online and in-person workshops. 

    The first two artists of the program were the Broadbent Sisters and Soyeon Kim, who provided immersive and collaborative art experiences for the community inspired by the revitalization of our waterfront.

  • 2023

    For the second phase of the Artists in Residence program, Lakeview Village welcomed Indigenous artists Naomi Smith (Black Tulip Designs) and Pandora Wilhelm (Mulberry Design & Engravings) to the Discovery Centre where they held a variety of exciting and inspiring community art workshops inspired by their Indigenous knowledge and connection to water through a series of six workshops total (three workshops per artist).